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Ever dreamed of flying? Now those dreams can become a reality!

Discover Paragliding and Explore the Sky...

Blue ridge Paragliding instructional activities on the adjacent property to Sky Retreat

Paragliding is the adventure sport of flying a paragliding 'wing' while suspended in a harness below. In mountain paragliding, the pilot launches off the ridge and makes smooth S-curves down to land a big open field in a 'sled-ride' or catches up-drafting currents of air to enjoy more time aloft.

To learn to fly paragliders, you practice inflating and controlling the wing, learning the launch sequence, steering, and landing skills on a gentle hill. Then you would do an instructional tandem flight, and this will give you the real sensation of how it is to fly with the safety and convenience of your instructor with you every step of the ride. There is a classroom study component to learn the principles and technique of the sport. New pilots then progress to solo flight as you develop your skills and knowledge.

Enjoy soaring into the sky!
Recommendations for Students
  • Wear long pants and ankle-supporting boots/shoes
  • Wear gloves
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Extra layers are nice to have on cooler days
  • Bring water to keep hydrated and food
There are currently no Learn to Fly Paragliding Classes offered at the site adjacent to Sky Retreat. To Enroll in Paragliding Classes/Training to become a Certified Paragliding Pilot, please contact:

Free Flight:

Please call (704)907-6963 for more info.

Motored Flight:

Southern Skies, North Carolina / Marco Stelter /(828) 632-6000 /

Equipment Sales:

For equipment sales please contact Dimitrijus Sazinas (704)907-6963
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