Blue Ridge Paragliding Club

At Sky Retreat

The First Official USHPA Paragliding Club in North Carolina

Paragliding-sky-retreatSky Retreat is the home of a certified paragliding site and school.  The club is designed with you in mind!  Everyone is welcome and we love sharing our joy of flying all together.

Blue Ridge Paragliding Club (BRPC) is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains directly off of the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Come catch some thermals with us, ridge soar with an amazing long-distance view, explore cross country, and enjoy sunset glass-offs.

Join the Adventure in the Sky…

New Members and Visiting Pilots

To fly this site and receive first time site orientation, please contact Blue Ridge Paragliding Club’s site Director:

Marco Stelter

(828) 261-5631

To sign the site waiver please visit:

Smart Waiver

Pilots Flying this Site

  • Must be a current USHPA member
  • Must have a current P-2 or higher USHPA rating.
  • Site orientation is required to fly this site.
  • Non-member visiting paragliding pilots must be approved for a day-pass to fly and have the supervision of a Blue Ridge Paragliding Club member.
  • Helmets must worn.
  • Always clear traffic before taking off and entering the flight pattern.
  • Be quiet when landing at the LZ to the lower right of take-off especially during hunting season. This includes no loud talking when coming into landing, packing up gear, etc.
  • When landing at the lower right LZ, please pack up your gear and walk down the driveway to be picked up outside the gate. We have a good relationship with the LZ owners and we want to maintain this landing privilege by respecting their land and not disrupting their activities.